Basic Capabilities For An HRD

For those of you who have the intention to work with a profession to become an HRD know that When interviewing a prospective employee, an HRD staff must follow a number of standard procedures to test the candidate. Among others, by matching the skills possessed by the candidate, the following personal characteristics with the requirements needed for the position of work to be occupied. Testing to get the most appropriate person to fill a particular position is just one of the skills a professional must have in the HRD Department. Basically, there are some skills that must always be updated by HRD people to always ready to run the role and function as a strategic partner for business in managing employees, namely HRD Management requires steps approach. The neat data, the ability to manage time well, personal efficiency, are the basic things in the HRD function. As a leader or HR staff, you are dealing with the survival and careers of the people. Do you expect to have good HRD skills? Then you need training before actually becoming HRD, that is by taking the exam PHR and SPHR. It is important for you to read the PHR exam questions.

Being an HR person must have many “hands”. In this minute you face employees who are “vent” about his personal problems. The next minute cleans up the claim fee expenses submitted by another employee. And at another minute, again think of the right recruitment strategy for the present situation. Business priorities and needs move and change rapidly. Client A can not wait for the reason that you are busy with colleague B. You should be able to handle everything. Professional HR is the company’s conscience. Besides also the keeper of information confidentiality. As you serve top management, you must also ensure that employees are also entitled to privacy. HR professionals must be able to stand in the middle between the interests and needs of employees and management. There are times when you have to make a decision to protect employees, and at other times you will be faced with a call to protect the organization, its culture, and its values. With this position, you will be easily misunderstood, and the key is in communication. Employees expect HRD people to defend their interests. But you are also required to support every policy of Top Management. By balancing between two poles that both pull your hand. Then you will gain trust.