Do Not Make This Mistake In SEO

In using SEO services, you certainly need to look for experienced SEO services and also has a good quality. One of them is Visit our website and find out what benefits you can get. Here are some mistakes in SEO that you should avoid.

– Setting the root domain
With Google currently more appreciative of websites that have SSL certification, then many websites are beginning to switch to https, but unfortunately, there are still many who access to its HTTP page can still be opened. This results in Google will identify this website is a duplicate website because it has two different URLs but with the same content. This also applies to websites that have more than 1 home page URL.

– Canonical Tag
Same as the above error, many websites are currently not setting up canonical tags, so Google may have the same website as 2 different websites, this is because the website can be accessed either by using www or not. Making sure only one URL for one page is important so that Google does not consider a website is a duplicate just because it has not done its Canonical Tag setting.