Definition of Massage

Massage is a universal language for mankind. Almost every day people do their own massage. Apparently, massage is one of the simplest manipulations humans find to stroke or rub the affected parts of the body or stroke each other for comfort. You can visit Massage Envy and be their member. Visit our website to find Massage Envy Membership Cost.

Currently, the effect of massage therapy is well known. Massage is recognised to stimulate and control physiological systems such as respiration and digestion. It is now increasingly understood by many that massage is needed to keep the physical fitness fresh despite the very simple manipulation as a natural reaction of the body. Massage is an act of discharging the body by hand (manipulation) on soft parts, with manual or mechanical procedures performed methodically in order to produce physiological, prophylactic, and therapeutic effects for the body.

Almost every person is good for women, men, young elderly, even kids – likes Body Massage (body massage). In addition to making a body relax, massage can also launch blood circulation throughout the body so that the body can return to the fitter. Especially women, body massage is one of the main services are in the interest at the time of body treatment Spa.

Massage body (body massage) by the manual is one way of body care using two hands on the palm of the hand and fingers. Massage which means slow emphasis. At first, massage aims as a therapeutic body that eventually develops to further achieve the beauty of the body.

Increased blood circulation in the body will help the process to produce oil glands that will more effectively produce sweat, so it will remove substances that are not useful. The outer epidermis layer will dissolve so that the skin condition will be better. The function of the skin as absorbing power will be increased and the skin becomes smoother.